Preserving Plastic with Personal Care Products

Part of what I’m always trying to find are products that can’t usually be recycled, but are in fact being made by some companies in a way in which they can.

Two of those products are razors and toothbrushes. I haven’t found that disposable razors can be recycled, so they instead get tossed into the pile of things that will end up in a landfill heap. Toothbrushes may be accepted for recycling in your area, but it doesn’t appear to be commonplace yet either, although they’re always good for household cleaning or craft projects.

After doing a little research online, I discovered a Waltham, Mass.-based company that I fell in love with. It’s Preserve Products and I have yet to find another company quite like it.

Their products are totally made by #5 polypropylene plastics — largely made up of yogurt cups — thanks in part to the company’s Gimme 5 program. Making its products from recycled plastics reduces greenhouse gases emitted, water, energy, oil, natural gas, and coal used in making plastic.

Preserve has lines of household and kitchen products in addition to the personal care items, all fun-looking and brightly colored, which makes them that much more appealing.

Preserve's Pretty Kitchen Starter Kit

Because its products are made from recycled #5, they’re all completely recyclable as well, so this obviously includes toothbrushes and razors.

The Triple- and- Double Razors come with two sets and can be replaced wherever the razors are sold and even by other brand blades. When you decide it’s time for a whole new one, the handle is completely recyclable. I also love it because it comes in a plastic case which makes it easy for travel. The razors range in price from about $7.50-8.50. They are pretty great as far as disposable razors go. They work for both men and women and have a curved handle that’s easy to grip. I would have to warn that you have to make sure to be very lathered up though, otherwise the moisturized strip won’t stay on long.

My Preserve Partners

The process gets even more impressive when it comes to the toothbrushes though. They look so basic compared to the intense-looking contraptions most often sold these days that have various kinds of plastic and bristles poking out all over. Preserve toothbrushes look so simple that I doubted their effectiveness. But I love them. There is nothing quite like a fresh toothbrush and Preserve’s are no exception. I like the simple looking design. Back to basics. They are BPA-free, have curved handles and tiered bristles. They come in a range of softness too of Ultra Soft, Soft and Medium (I like Ultra Soft).

Out with the old & in with the new (both Preserve. One is Ultra Soft, the other is Soft.)

Making them even more awesome, you can purchase a toothbrush that comes in a mail back package to send to Preserve when you’re through with it. This was really what sold me in the end. You can also get the brush that comes in a plastic travel case, which also can be returned with the toothbrush when you’re through. If you want to be really good about your dental hygiene, Preserve even offers a personalized subscription that will have a new toothbrush sent to you every three months for year for $13. This isn’t bad because the toothbrush itself is $2.99 for the kind with the mail back package and $3.29 for the travel case kind.

Aside from the razors and toothbrushes that I’m obviously so excited about, Preserve offers so many products that are worth checking out. I’m so excited about this company and it’s eco-friendly efforts. Around my house, we always get stocking stuffers like this that aren’t too fun to buy, so this year, Preserve products are definitely worth considering. OK, not considering. Buying! They’re even offering shipping discounts till the end of the year.

Yes, I’m aware that this post sounds like Preserve is paying me to say nice things, but I swear the people there don’t even know I exist! I’ve been dying to tell people about it for the past six months though.

If you’ve tried the products I’ve mentioned or any others, I’d love to hear what you think. And if any other companies are doing what Preserve is, tell me please!

Happy brushing!


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