Keeping the cardboard

It’s been more than a week now since my last post — not to draw attention to that fact or anything. In case you’re at all curious about why I’ve been slacking so badly and why May didn’t promote information about recycling nearly as much as I’d hoped, it’s just because it was bad timing and I guess I’m still getting into the groove of this. Rest assured I have continued with my recycling and keep doing it more though. Anyway, life caught up with me in the form of a vacation and move to a new apartment (which I love. Adding to its already awesomeness: free recycling!). I promise to keep improving at this though and it’s important to me that you know I am so grateful to every one of you who care what I’m doing or have to say and check in to see what I’m doing here!

That said, the main thing that’s been going on for the past oh, five days or so, has been packing, unpacking, moving and sometimes packing more — and lots of adjusting to living on the second floor. And what I’m going to tell you today is that I’ve learned that it’s OK to be a pack rat — sometimes. Well, I fight against being one, but am not generally all that successful and this time, it paid off. And not just for me.

For starters, I kinda sorta tend to hoard cardboard boxes of various sizes as I get them. Mainly, they’re smallish ones that I envision being money savers when birthdays, holidays and other events come up and I need something to pack gifts in. And yes, I’ve decided the annoyance of having them hang around is totally worth if for that purpose.

Beyond that though, as my move was approaching, I kept the packaging and boxes that my Arbonne products come with, and any other boxes I got. Those were a huge help, as I wasn’t too interested in breaking my back with ginormous boxes anyway.

I feel like the people I know are moving all the time, especially those close to my age. Where does everyone get their moving boxes from? Do you buy them? Get them from moving companies? How about stopping in a grocery store and seeing what the people there will give you? I have to assume the latter is a fairly common idea. I worked at Meijer for four-and-a-half years and people frequently came in to load up on cardboard boxes. If you haven’t considered this before, it’s definitely worth doing next time. Not only are they free, but you’re also giving the cardboard another life before it hits the compactor.

And how’s this for continuing the life of a cardboard box? I was getting a bit panicked about not having enough boxes for even packing up my little one bedroom apartment. A friend flew to my rescue, letting me know she had a bunch of boxes still from when she’d moved to her new house several months ago.

Again, this is where it’s good to stash stuff you really have no reason to keep anymore. Turns out, her husband had insisted they keep the boxes for all those months in case they moved again. I suppose they’d moved more times than he liked during the past few years and just wanted to be prepared. But they got the boxes out of the basement for me. I’m not sure where they’d gotten them, but based on words covering them, many appeared to come from a grocery store.

So they were a tremendous help to me, in addition to the boxes I felt I needed to hold on to over the past year. Combining all those boxes with some reusable shopping bags (I had never expected them to come in for moving too!), all of my belongings made it safely to the new apt. (Had I thought this through, I’d have visual documentation of these events for you to feast your eyes on here.)

And the trail continues.

Literally as I was unpacking on Friday, I found out another friend was going to suddenly be moving to L.A. Could this have been better time for my boxes?! I let her know I would have several for her and was excited they’d be third generation moving boxes and now even making their way cross country. I’m certain they have at least one good move left in them.

It gives me some kind of silly joy to think how much those boxes have been used. Not only are several of them third generation moving boxes, but at least fourth generation for general use.

So if you’ve got any space at all, save the smaller boxes that you can for gifts. And when you get those bigger ones, get on Facebook or Twitter and see if anyone else can use them. It’s worth a shot. You never know who has some stacked in their basement just waiting for you to put them to work.


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  1. knitnkwilt says:

    I had a chuckle at your comment about small boxes…saving them to mail packages, willing for the mess of storing. Me too. If I think I will be mailing anything, I keep some boxes.

    Loved the three generation boxes!

    At one point, I knew I’d be moving every year or so (I had a sabbatical replacement job that was only one year). Moved there, back, then another time in town. All that time I collapsed the boxes and stored them under my bed. I must admit, though, that by the last move they were losing their oomph, and I didn’t trust anything heavy in them.

    Keep it up!

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