A Sidenote — Overflowing with Gratitude

Saturday night was an incredibly exciting night here at my little apartment in Rochester Hills.

Just as I finished putting in my first orders as an Arbonne consultant, I got an e-mail notifying me that my latest blog post was chosen for Freshly Pressed. I was about to burst with happiness about Freshly Pressed as the first two comments rolled in within minutes of me finding out about the feature. And the comments continued to pour in.

Seriously, I was so excited, I did a screenshot of this accomplishment.

So to everyone who has given my blog a peak and to those of you who have commented, I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to you! I am so excited to see that people from India, to Sweden to here in the States can relate to what I’m doing. I am so encouraged by the support from you all and the ideas and suggestions you’ve contributed. I hope you continue to let me know what you think and that we can work on sharing these better ways to be!

I’ve been MIA on here since Freshly Pressed actually, because I was heading out Sunday for a little Las Vegas getaway (which added to Saturday night’s excitement). Scanning the comments through my BlackBerry only made me that much more excited to get back to work though and I can’t wait to thoroughly read all of them.

So thank you SO much to WordPress and all of you who clicked and commented. I’m back home and ready to blog. =)



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