15+ Ideas for Giving Experiences as Gifts Instead of Things

Christmas morning circa 1995. That's me looking prim and proper with a scrunch in my hair and lace on my nightgown.

I was a ridiculously fortunate kid. Not like my family was rich, and my sister and I were spoiled, getting everything we wanted, but it’s safe to say Santa was really, really good to us every year. My sister and I would … Continue reading

Product Review: Feel Good With Change Soap Co.’s Vegan Skin Care & Cosmetics

Change Soap Co. products

A few years ago, I was working at The Oakland Press and met Tina Ersig who owns a carpet cleaning company with her husband. I don’t even remember how I found out about their company, The Greener Cleaner, but I … Continue reading

Happier Is a Great App. Here’s Why I’m Happier Without It.


The journalist in me has always loved the chase of a news story, whether good or bad news. But as a journalist who’s mostly been out of the game of reporting bad news for more than two years, and a … Continue reading

Home Depot Offers Incentive to Switch to LED Christmas Lights (& Why You Should Do it Anyway)


Usually, by this point in November, I am happily singing along to just about any Christmas song I can get my ears in the vicinity of. This year, I haven’t been able to get into it yet though. Maybe it’s … Continue reading